• Ramark
    SINCE 1988.
    Stand out in the Italian market.

Where we operate


Where we operate

An international success story since 1988.

For over 25 years, Ramark knows no boundaries.

Through our direct presence in various countries, we have developed commercial skills and knowledge of the territory and B2B networks in ITALY and in the rest of EUROPE, RUSSIA, TURKEY, BALKANS, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, QATAR, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and USA.

In the last years, the introduction, the expertise and the professional relationships created in these markets opened us the ways even to the countries of CENTRAL and WEST AFRICA, where we operate thanks to local offices.

Through our network of reliable local correspondents, we are moreover able to be operational in other countries, planning your business development with utmost care and greatest professionalism.

As testifies our track record of case-histories: an anthology of turning points for hundreds of companies that have believed in internationalization.

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  • Our Sectors

    • Aeronautica, Aerospaziale e Difesa
    • Agroalimentare
    • Automotive
    • Chimico e Petrolchimico
    • Cosmetico, Farmaceutico
    • Distribuzione (grande, mediaЕ)

    • Ecologia
    • Elettronica
    • Energia Ц Energie Rinnovabili
    • Ferroviario
    • Macchine Movimento Terra
    • Macchine Agricoltura e Giardinaggio

    • Aeronautics, Aerospace and Defense
    • Agricultural and Gardening Equipment
    • Agrifood
    • Automotive
    • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
    • Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals

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