What is operational internationalization?

April 30, 2020

One should not improvise on a new market. We will never repeat that enough. But

What are the phases of a dedicated commercial development action?

What is approximately the time frame for each phase?

What is the meaning of “operational internationalization”?

Preliminary phases:  analysis, study and research

One of our strengths is the service customization. Our modus operandi is put together with our customers’ features, with special focus on their business targets. So the first is the “tailoring phase” in which we develop the strategic plan side by side with our customer and we adjust our “tailor-made” offer.

We carefully study marketing mix, product, competitors and target markets

On some markets, those culturally closer to us, we act directly. Some others like China or Russia, require the action of our partner on-site for linguistic or cultural reasons.

Now we have all critical elements to start our targeted research for potential new customers (approximately 4 weeks) and get ready for the more operational part of our commercial action.

Operational prospecting vs. telemarketing

How much is direct human relationship really worth? A lot! We realize that every day, especially in the recent weeks…

Technology helps reducing distances and keeping existing relationship. But can you develop a new customer from scratch using only phone and email? We don’t think so.

During the first telephone call you have an average of 30 seconds to convince the prospect not to hang up. The first email must be short to catalyze attention.

The aim is to overcome these filters to reach a meeting with the right decision-maker. Then, only through a direct contact we will be able to fully understand what the customer seeks from a new supplier and at the same time properly show the added value that the new supplier can bring.    

Our direct approach in the last 30 years has supported more than 200 companies in their internationalization projects to over 60 countries and more than 100 foreign companies in their development in Italy .


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