Supplier research – Why now and why with us

April 17, 2020

Whether  your company is still open, despite the restrictive measures, or you are preparing yourself for the best restart…Whether you reconverted your production to provide the so requested safety devices or instead you are planning in SmartWorking mode the next steps to implement your Business Plan

Probably now more than ever you see the importance of a solid and efficient Supply Chain.

Too often we focus all our efforts on where to sell, how to sell and to whom to sell but the truth is that we cannot sell our product if our supply chain has a slow-down or breaks.  

Our customers have reported to us in the past weeks a general worrying situation about the procurement of raw materials and processed goods which, together with the shutdown, will negatively impact delivery times to end customers, with all the associated risks of loss of turnover and market share.

Now that’s when our supplier research service becomes of strategic importance.

But what reasons drive our customers to come to Ramark asking for a supplier research?

Most of the times the answer is a mix of the following factors, that we would like to show you based on our direct experience on the field:

Cost saving: research for competitive suppliers – Price Efficiency

Surely one of the most frequent reasons driving companies to look for alternative solutions.That’s the case of an Italian customer in Textile sector who requested us a screening of potential suppliers of raw material in Turkey. We researched, contacted, profiled and selected over 80 manufacturers, requesting samplings and benchmarking quotations to finally provide a  top-10 of companies . We also took care of the logistic organization of the tour of visits and meetings’ plan in Turkey.

Time saving: research for proximity suppliers – Delivery time efficiency

Another crucial aspect is the delivery time. We assisted an Italian manufacturer of automatic cashes for paying stations in supermarkets and other shops. Satisfied of the quality level of the Indian supplier of the internal sliding drawer, the company was not as happy with the logistics and the important related times and costs. Thanks to our research and action, our customer found valuable alternatives on the Bulgarian market which enabled its procurement process to speed-up consistently.

Risk saving: research for splitting strategic supplier – Reduce the out-of-stock risk

In some sectors a production stop involves significant losses and the payment of heavy penalties. In such cases, it is good to move ahead by splitting the strategic commodity purchases over at least two suppliers to avoid this unpleasant scenario. For this reason a main French OEM Automobile manufacturer turned to Ramark. Globalization had claimed victims in France among the suppliers of plastic injection molds and Asian manufacturers, although with longer delivery times, were efficient only in absence of quality problems to deal with. Therefore our research and selection for qualified Italian suppliers has been very appreciated!

Other strategic reasons (communication /cultural or sectorial related reasons)

There’s plenty of other variables that are difficult to categorize as they are closely related to the sector they belong to. In this case a French company, supplier of metal parts for the Fashion sector, in a wider project of penetration on the Italian market, understood with our help that some other steps parallel to the Business Development were required. The Italian end customers were asking for a constant presence and a cultural affinity in the co-design of new products. We accompanied the society in the gradual creation of a predominantly Italian  Supply Chain which brought significant benefits also from the sales point of view.

The action ended up with the creation of a production subsidiary in Italy.

Do you find yourself in one of more of these cases? Do you want to share with us your story and your needs? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to exchange and possibly offer you a free check-up!

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