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A soft approach in order to find your success on the Italian market.  This service allows you to test the waters of the Italian market:

We will contact a representative sample of potential customers to get initial feedback regarding your product and/or service. This will allow us to improve your business strategy in order to have a more successful entry into the Italian market.


The success of your company is just waiting to happen.

A successful beginning is supported by a solid network of relationships. Our job is to help you create your business network: step by step we guarantee a soft approach for a gentle landing

A successful network in 5 steps:

  • DEFINE YOUR INTERLOCUTORS. We’ll help you create a list of potential interlocutors.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. We’ll help you make a great first impression in order to develop solid relationships.
  • RESULTS ANALYSIS AND DEAL MAKING. We’ll help you find the best candidates and set up deals.
  • GOOD RELATIONSHIPS ON SOLID BASES. We’ll be by your side to offer linguistic or networking help to assist you in creating stable, positive relationships.
  • A STRATEGY FOR EACH MARKET: THE FINAL BRIEFING. Based on the results achieved, we’ll be able to suggest ways to adapt your strategy, according to market needs in order to ensure a successful entry on the market.

Taking stock of the project

In the final stages of the project, it will be possible to effectively assess the level of appreciation for your product/service

Based on these results we can together strengthen your Italian business plan and evaluate how to proceed.

Helping your business take off in Italy

A sales team present in the local market is the way to take your business to the next level in Italy.
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    Laying the foundations of your success


    We can create a reliable network for your business dealings in Italy


    We will be at your side, every step of the way, on the path towards your goals